Results of the "Silverlight: Write and Win contest"

As I mentioned in my last post, I entered an article in the "Silverlight: Write and Win contest" run by Michael Sync over at his blog.

Well, the results have been published and I was happily surprised to find that my article with the somewhat cryptic name "Silveright FlyoutPanel", actually ended up in second place!! :)

I must say I'm very happy with the result, especially after having to pull a couple of really late nights to get the article in on time. If you happen to have read the article over at Michael's blog and voted for it, thank you very much :)

As far as the name "Silveright FlyoutPanel" goes, basically the article describes how to create an animated sliding panel in Silverlight, and then laying it on top of an existing html page without restricting the access to the html content.

I need to make a couple minor changes to the article then I'll put it up here as well and make the source available.

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